Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared with you a variety of content designed to showcase the company’s DNA, a kaleidoscope of pictures and digital innovation.
In our #Excellence section, we took a look at two of our core values Excellence and Expertise.

Today, we want to share the third chapter in this section with you:


The greatest value behind our operations at Tendaggi Paradiso is an example of how excellence is a part of our process and our designs. When applied correctly to the field of curtains and fabrics, this brings a high degree  quality, accompanied by high productivity within the company.

Our production capacity of 80,000 metres a month and the distribution of our products spans Italy and abroad, including Europe, former Soviet Union countries, South America and the Far East.

We wanted to create a company capable of striking a balance between the study and design of our products, without forgoing the well-being of the people who work for the company.

This balance is important for us to innovate and strengthen the entire team that works hard with the same passion and determination every day.

The company now has a warehouse, a quality control department, and offices handling production at Cassina Rizzardi, as well as a weaving mill in Guanzate.