Tendaggi Paradiso was founded in Casnate con Bernate in 1979 by Ernesto Castiglioni and his family to produce innovative, high-quality fabrics for curtains and home or contract furnishings. The company specialises in producing curtains and decorative fabrics up to 340 cm high: organza, jacquard, fil coupé, and laser cut.

Its production capacity is 80,000 metres a month.
It distributes its products around Italy and abroad, as far as Europe, former Soviet Union countries, South America and the Far East. The company now has: a warehouse, quality control department and offices to handle production development in Cassina Rizzardi, as well as a weaving mill in Guanzate.

42 Years


To make high-quality products day in, day out, while staying true to our roots but open to the future; we will take this huge project forward with the same passion and enthusiasm as always, a project created from years of experience and developed thanks to our hard work every day.

Passion, quality and attention to detail are reflected in every product we make

We check every day the entire production chain of our articles, from the beginning of the processing of the yarn to the finished product.
We are able to combine embroidery with laser processing up to 300cm in height, obtaining continuous processing and excellent quality of the finished product.
Each product represents for us the opportunity to challenge one’s limits, experiment with new solutions, be ready for the new.



40% of our production is intended for the Italian market, while 60% is sent abroad: from Europe to former Soviet Union countries, from South America to the Far East.

Anywhere where they want a stylish, high-quality product, we are ready to offer customers the passion and commitment that has always supported our work.


A safer life is a better life.
Our entire company, from our designers to our suppliers right through to our co-workers in stores, strives to create safer products for our customers.
It is part of who we are.
Our materials are carefully checked and tested. They comply with applicable laws and standards in the market where they will be sold, as well as meeting our requirements, which are often far tougher than those set by the authorities.
Our designers, product developers and engineers consider how the product might be used, including incorrectly, and test it accordingly.
Risk assessment for our product safety is an essential aspect for the development process. We ensure that every product is intrinsically safe and we also take into account how the products will actually be used.
We collect feedback from customers from all over the world to find out how they use our products and how they find them. All this information is taken into account to improve our range of products over time.

How do we know that a product is safe?
We consider various aspects when it comes to safety, quality and environmental impact: chemical substances, fire resistance, surfaces, corrosion, lighting and electronics, function and durability, as well as washing.


Our goal is to create safe, high-quality products for our customers.