Innovative fabrics
for curtains,  
design & contract

Tendaggi Paradiso offers a huge range of curtains and decorative fabrics. Our strict checks at every stage of production allow us to guarantee a top-quality product.

Our Research and Development office constantly offers trendy new collections, both in terms of their materials and colors. All this is supported by coordinated catalogues in settings, with goods ready in stock.

Research and Development

The Research and Development department is the cornerstone of our company. Every day, over 15% of our workforce researches and tests out new products, processes and finishes.

Every day, we monitor the entire production chain of our items, from the start of the yarn processing to the finished product. We can combine embroidery with laser processing up to 300 cm in width, achieving a continuous process and excellent-quality finished products.

No Fire

Certified fireproof products created and developed with fireproof yarns.
An extensive catalogue with customizable options.


Supported by our in-house workshop for research into colors, variations, designs and for making prototype fabrics, the company now offers a complete collection of classic and modern fabrics as well as trendy solutions.