Sun-Kissed Browns Palette

The third palette we want to offer you is called Sun-Kissed Browns

Colours that stand the test of time will be more important than ever. Classic, timeless quality defines the various palettes, all of which are presented in mini catalogues, each dedicated to a theme that we wish to communicate.

With this third Palette named Sun-Kissed Browns, We celebrate brown shades with orange details to indicate the passing of the seasons, the sun going down, and the light that floods through the windows, fullfilling the room. The colours in this palette are relaxing. Designs with apparently classic yet always modern shades.

QUERCIA 105 – Panna Z 470
TAFFETAS 9102 – Mattone Z 526
CERINO 6058 – Arancio Z 600
Check out the Sun-Kissed Browns Palette here

03 Palette Sun-Kissed Browns EN