Our company

Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared with you a variety of content designed to showcase the company’s DNA, a kaleidoscope of pictures and digital innovation.In our #Excellence section, we took a look at two of our core values Excellence and Expertise. Today, we want to share the third chapter in this section with you: OUR COMPANY The greatest value ... Continua a leggere

Our expertise

When people mention expertise, they generally tend to associate it with “knowing how to do a job well”, being “prepared” and being “experts” in a certain field or activity. A very interesting nuance of the meaning of expertise is “adequate, commensurate, appropriate“. So expertise is not directly in proportion with the amount of our know-how and ability, but rather with our capacity to apply and ... Continua a leggere


Welcome to the world of TDP Como Tendaggi Paradiso. Over the coming weeks, you’ll discover a variety of content designed to showcase the company’s DNA, a kaleidoscope of values, pictures and digital innovation.  This section will be called #Excellence. Excellence has always been one of the core values behind Tendaggi Paradiso’s work. The new era of the Internet, smartphones and ... Continua a leggere

Towards the digital world

We have decided to go digital because we want to improve the image of our company and be known for our potential and our projects.Nowadays, it is essential to be part of the digital world, because I think it is an instant way to showcase your company to all of you, avoiding the very long waiting times involved with the ... Continua a leggere

Textiles: Refined Opulence

Trends Giving a glam touch to interior design by using golden surfaces, rich velvets and heritage-inspired patterns. This trend has been created to produce comfortable interior design, with a wide range of fabrics to provide consumers with products that they can use to create their own “snuggly paradise”. We have researched into glamorous historical periods, like the Baroque and Art ... Continua a leggere

10 Key Trends for 2020

COLOURS Let’s discover the recommended colours that will be the key drivers for products and interior design in 2020, including the emergence of bright acidic colours and the comeback of neutral shades. 2020 checklist Tactile White – Beige Pink – Balsamic Blue – Soft Sage – Electric Lilac – Butter Yellow – Earthy Orange – Vivid Emerald – Vibrant Burgundy ... Continua a leggere