Crafted Contrasts Palette

The second Palette we want to offer you is called Crafted Contrasts


As consumers view their spending more carefully in the post-pandemic and recessive landscape, they will need to focus on creating products that people enjoy.

Consumers are rethinking their relationship with consumption and are particularly drawn to carefully considered items. People will adapt to the new reality of their lives by entering the next normal, working towards new hybrid office / work-at-home configurations. For example, not being able to travel internationally or to attend events such as fairs or festivals will mean that this year the spending priorities will be to make the spaces where you spend most of your time, as pleasant as possible and fashion products will have to adapt to these new hybrid lifestyles, emphasizing quality and tapping into a new mindset: less-but-better, less but better!

For this second palette called Crafted Contrasts we have designed and created a warm chromatic harmony that enhances the quality of the spaces, bringing a refreshing and brilliant touch. We use reds and pinks to create contrasts with neutral and pastel colors. This direction is ideal for composing mix and match with space, decorative elements and design.

CANOVACCIO 9098 – Giallo Z 455
ORGANZA 950 – Rosa Z 293
BUIO – Corallo Z 345
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