Crafted Contrasts Palette

The second Palette we want to offer you is called Crafted Contrasts As consumers view their spending more carefully in the post-pandemic and recessive landscape, they will need to focus on creating products that people enjoy. ... Continua a leggere

Towards the digital world

We have decided to go digital because we want to improve the image of our company and be known for our potential and our projects.Nowadays, it is essential to be part of the digital world, because I think it is an instant way to showcase your company to all of you, avoiding the very long waiting times involved with the ... Continua a leggere

Decorative graphics

Art Deco-inspired patterns are coming back into fashion and will remain a prominent feature for AW 20/21, as shown in our Reconstructed Legacy trend. We have been working with a fabric archivist to discover original works of art and 1920s and 1930s jacquard prints to find new inspiration. We have made the surface more defined with devoré and quilting techniques. The ... Continua a leggere

Neutral blush

Trends Neutral colours, a key theme for 2020, are updated with a touch of pink to add warmth to any interiors. We have combined subtle beige tones for geometric patterned designs, just like you see across pure white terrain. We have been working with satin or polished cotton for bed linen to emphasise this two-tone colour, which is perfect for ... Continua a leggere

Golden lustre

Trends A golden palette that combines yellow, gold and copper tones to give a warming effect to any interiors. We have added highlights to everyday homeware with a metallic thread to give a touch of shine. We have woven subtle threads and used heavier yarns in jacquard prints or drapes; these are the perfect processing techniques for trendy items. Another ... Continua a leggere

Reconstructed Legacy

A modern design that honours the past. Embrace your new creative idea and combine any fabrics to create new mix&matches for your story. Look into your archives and take another step forward by combining designs from different periods to create something new. This is the trend from the Marketing Consultancy and Digital Communication Project, which Gierre di Giancarlo Rovatti designed ... Continua a leggere

10 Key Trends for 2020

COLOURS Let’s discover the recommended colours that will be the key drivers for products and interior design in 2020, including the emergence of bright acidic colours and the comeback of neutral shades. 2020 checklist Tactile White – Beige Pink – Balsamic Blue – Soft Sage – Electric Lilac – Butter Yellow – Earthy Orange – Vivid Emerald – Vibrant Burgundy ... Continua a leggere