Nourishing Greens Palette


Our fabric and colour forecasts are grouped around the theme of the emotional response, which will be the main driver of consumer demands over the next few years.

We have made use of the mood in which the product is presented, reinterpreting the palette in order to celebrate the colours, as well as the creativity and quality of fabrics made in Italy.

The choices are based on shades of green in order to give variety to the product and provide a range from which the client can choose. Every request from the client must be satisfied by sending our Magic Box by TDP so that clients can touch the fabric themselves.

The first palette we wish to share with you is Nourishing Greens

I colori che resistono alla prova del tempo saranno più importanti che mai. Qualità classica e senza tempo definiscono le diverse palette, tutte presentate in mini cataloghi dedicate ad un tema da comunicare.

Why did we create the Palettes?

Our action points:
  1. The aim is to concentrate on the less-but-better mindset, to obtain the maximum resultencouraging the consumer to make a purchase within a shorter time frame, yet one that is better for them. We are reassessing the planning processes, highlighting the value and beauty of the materials and the quality of Italian production.
  2. We are focussing on the traditions and techniques of colour, which are part of the local heritage, bringing them back to life through on-trend combinations. In this way we are celebrating the numerous personalities of colour.
  3. Colours that stand the test of time will be more important than ever. Classic, timeless quality defines the various palettes, all of which are presented in catalogues dedicated to a colour theme that we wish to communicate.
BUIO 9161 – Foresta Z 779
WOOL 9172 – Z 845 PINO
VELO GONDOLA – Mastice Z 041
FORLÌ 720 – Sesamo Z 234

Nourishing Greens

Shades of green will remain a key group until SS22, thanks to their connection to nature at a time when physical and mental wellbeing must be prioritised. We combine the shades, warming them with orange details, blends with transparencies and raw fabrics to suit interiors with a natural flavour.

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