Welcome to the world of TDP Como Tendaggi Paradiso. Over the coming weeks, you’ll discover a variety of content designed to showcase the company’s DNA, a kaleidoscope of values, pictures and digital innovation. 

This section will be called #Excellence.

Excellence has always been one of the core values behind Tendaggi Paradiso’s work.

The new era of the Internet, smartphones and personal computers has brought radical change to our identities and how we enter into a relationship with others.

Lots of things have changed over the years, but not the importance of our hands. Digital technology has changed the daily lives of us all, but hands are still very important for people.


How we use our hands is changing, no question about it. Nevertheless, keeping them occupied has always been part of the human experience. Weaving, spinning, knitting, writing SMS: we have always kept our hands busy.

We need our hands to undertake any task. We need our hands. They are our instruments for doing a job, they are our tools.

This is why hands are our first value in the pursuit of #Excellence.

The “skill” of our designers and our staff bears the mark of:




Tutte caratteristiche che si riflettono in ogni prodotto tessile che realizziamo. Questo processo di lavoro è positivo e coinvolgente, perché stimola ogni collaboratore a ricercare la perfezione nel proprio lavoro, superando continuamente i traguardi raggiunti.

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