Towards the digital world

We have decided to go digital because we want to improve the image of our company and be known for our potential and our projects.
Nowadays, it is essential to be part of the digital world, because I think it is an instant way to showcase your company to all of you, avoiding the very long waiting times involved with the traditional methods used up until now.

I like to think of change as evolution!

“I think my best experience in the sector has been the growth of my career. Over these 13 years, the simple fact that I have never stopped and been happy with what I was doing, wanting to innovate the company, has been my best experience! I have my family and the amazing girls who are part of the Tendaggi Paradiso team to thank for this: they teach me something new every day.
When I look at one of our fabrics, I fall in love all over again!”

Anna Castiglioni