10 Key Trends for 2020


Let’s discover the recommended colours that will be the key drivers for products and interior design in 2020, including the emergence of bright acidic colours and the comeback of neutral shades.

2020 checklist

Tactile White – Beige Pink – Balsamic Blue – Soft Sage – Electric Lilac – Butter Yellow – Earthy Orange – Vivid Emerald – Vibrant Burgundy – Acidic Combinations

TACTILE WHITE: while matt black designs will remain largely important in all product categories, white has many shades and depths, playing on materials, surfaces and textures to create inviting and relaxing environments.

CANOVACCIO 9098 – Naturale Z448


PALE PINK: neutral colours are back with ever more shades for interior design, while beige is completed by a pink tone in warm models, lines and styles, to convey a relaxing and welcoming look in hospitality, workplace and lounge areas.

VELLUTO 9176 – Rosa Z879

BALSAMIC BLUE: the colour of the year is a relaxing shade of blue, providing reassurance in homes and public settings. Its versatile quality is an important reference point, meeting consumer demand for more organic and natural qualities.  

BUIO – Blu Z343

SOFT SAGE: green tones were a must-have for 2019 and will take on softer, more organic qualities for 2020. Light-sage hues with dark moss and camo green, closer to grey than green, convey a sense of domestic bliss.

SUPER BUIO – Ortensia Z765

ELECTRIC LILAC: lilac plays a key role with hints that enhance the electric qualities of other colours, featuring subtle yet powerful touches. Neo mint, digital yellow, coral and orange complete the yellow and lilac duo and create compelling visual narratives.

TULLE – Lilla Z314

BUTTER YELLOW: yellow is evolving to take on lighter, more buttery hues that brighten up interiors with a soft glow. The colour combinations of the space and furnishings accentuate the sun-kissed effect. Draw on the comforting and uplifting properties of the mood of this colour to create welcoming spaces that are not too overwhelming. It is perfect for public and shared areas or for halls.

FRISÈ 9037 – Miele Z248

EARTHY ORANGE: an earthy, pigmented quality will continue to be increasingly relevant, favouring orange hues in porous finishes, while terracotta will still be important for both arts and crafts and for nature. This versatile colour adds warmth to business and home interior design when strongly applied. Paint it on walls for a touch of blazing heat all year round or dress furniture upholstery and decorations with softer hues.

VELLUTO 9176 – Zucca Z872

VIVID EMERALD: this shade of emerald is precious and modern, natural yet artificial, sitting on the borderline between blue and green. The kitchen and furniture are the key choice for any spaces that require a vibrant touch and to play on the contrast between colour and finishing to create a nuance that works well with decorative items.

SUPER BUIO – Acqua Z541

VIBRANT BURGUNDY: deep reds are still important for the 2020 palette, because they convey a sophisticated nuance for summer. Natural pigments like rhubarb achieve a deep saturation with violet and brown to convey the perfect luxurious atmosphere, enhanced with warm metallic reflections that are perfect for hospitality and shared spaces.

TAFFETAS 9110 – Marrone Z426

ACIDIC COMBINATIONS: colours with an artificial, digitally enhanced quality will become increasingly important for upcoming seasons. Using unexpected combinations with acidic highlights and almost neon touches will play a key role in designs and emphasise red, fuchsia and saturated blue colours.


by Gierre

(Research: WGSN Limited Private Company Information)